Investigations of Employment Complaints

Kator, Parks, Weiser & Wright, PLLC is experienced in conducting investigations in employment matters. Our employment investigations have included complaints concerning sexual harassment, sex discrimination, race discrimination, racial and national origin harassment, whistleblowing, LGBT discrimination, disability discrimination and harassment, equal pay, and other forms of harassment and discrimination. We have conducted such independent, objective investigations on behalf of a variety of clients, including small and large non-profit organizations, associations, private-sector employers, and large and small government agencies. Our in-depth, prompt, and comprehensive management investigations are conducted by employment lawyers with extensive litigation experience. We understand the importance of timely and complete investigations in these matters. Having represented many employees who have gone through such investigations, our firm also has a unique understanding of the concerns held by both management and employees. Our investigative work may include fact-finding as well as recommending corrective actions, policy changes, and litigation mitigation strategies. Because of our class action work, we are also experienced in conducting more complex employment investigations including statistical analyses and multiple complainants. Our attorneys will work with employers to understand the scope of the investigation, the sensitivities involved in the matter, and the appropriate plan to ensure a prompt yet thorough investigation.

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