The claims administrator reports that 1099 tax forms were mailed out to Class Members on January 31, 2012.  All tax forms, which were mailed to the last known address for each Class Member, should be received soon.


The final award payments, made on behalf of those Class Members who have passed away and corrected payments, were issued by the Claims Administrator on May 25, 2011.  All Class Member payments have now been issued.


We are happy to announce that the Claims Administrator has mailed out the Class Member payments on Friday, March 11, 2011. Please allow up to two weeks for the award payment to be delivered to you.

We are delighted with the active participation of so many Class Members. Class Member payments were mailed out to 1,300 recipients. The Claims Administrator determined that the value of one Compensation point (awarded for every full year worked during the class time period) was approximately $200.00 (before tax withholdings).

For those claims related to the estates of deceased Class Members, the Claims Administrator reports that those claims are still being processed, and that payments will be issued in the near future.

We are thrilled with the results attained in this case. The successful settlement of the case was the result of years of hard work put in by so many individuals, led by Class Agents Anniemarie Harrison-Gray and Beverly Hatcher. We are also grateful for the valuable assistance provided by AFGE Local 2145 and VA staff.

Remember that, as a result of this settlement, you are eligible to nominate yourself for employee awards, using the Employee Self-Nomination for Incentive Award, Richmond VA Medical Center form. A copy of this form is here and also available at the VA Human Resources office. We encourage you to use this form to ensure that you are properly recognized for your hard work and accomplishments at the Medical Center.


Richmond, VA, Feb. 16, 2010.

For nearly a decade, a class consisting of approximately 2,000 African-American employees of the Hunter Holmes McGuire Richmond VA Medical Center has pursued a class action discrimination claim before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Class alleged that African-American employees were treated unfairly in the distribution of monetary and non-monetary awards. After extensive efforts to resolve the case, the parties have now reached an agreement in principle to finally put this matter to rest. The agreement calls for the VA to pay $5 million to the Class and to modify its awards policies to allow employees to nominate themselves for awards. In addition, specific relief will be granted to the two class agents, Anniemarie Harrison-Gray and Beverly Hatcher.

Michael Kator, an attorney for the Class, said “It is particularly gratifying to announce this settlement as we commemorate Lincoln’s Birthday. President Lincoln’s vision was ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.’ This case has always been about providing the best care for our veterans and that includes providing the best working environment for the thousands of VA employees who provide that care. Disputes over the awards policies have dragged down employee morale for years and caused many exceptional employees to leave the VA for other employment. Settling this case will be an enormous boost to the morale of African-American employees of the Richmond Medical Center and this will ultimately redound to the benefit of our veterans.”

Thousands of hours of attorney time were spent in litigating this case over the past decade. A portion of the settlement will go toward fees and expenses of the litigation. The Class is represented by of the Washington, DC law firm of Kator, Parks, Weiser & Harris, PLLC, including lead counsel Cathy Harris and attorneys Jeremy Wright and Kerrie Riggs. Office Manager Ramona Cohen was an indispensable part of the legal team. Ms. Harris said, “We greatly appreciate the VA’s willingness to examine this issue with an open mind. Reaching this settlement took an extraordinary effort on the part of everyone involved.” The Class Agents are Anniemarie Harrison-Gray and Beverly Hatcher, both nurses at the Richmond VA Medical Center and themselves veterans. Ms. Harrison-Gray is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force who served two tours in Iraq. Ms. Hatcher served in the Army on active duty for a decade, and has since been employed by the VA for 17 years.

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