This Title VII action was initiated by Walter Flournoy on behalf of 128 GS-13 and GS-14 African American Scientists and Engineers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (“NASA”) who alleged denial of promotional opportunities. Finalized on March 4, 2003, the settlement package is valued at approximately $5 million. It represents per capita one of the largest race discrimination employment class action settlements against the federal government. Monetary awards have been distributed to individual class members and approximately 22 promotional awards implemented.

Class Counsel remains active in this matter principally as monitor of NASA’s compliance with the injunctive relief provisions of the Settlement. Among other requirements, these non-monetary provisions oblige NASA to retain an independent expert to assist in evaluating and revising its personnel management system—with principal emphasis placed on revising and validating its promotion criteria. The Settlement also requires NASA to devise and implement an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) system. Both of these projects are ongoing; as monitor, Class Counsel interacts continuously with NASA management and plays a formative role in developing the new systems.

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