VA Nurses Class Action

This class action was initiated in 1993 by Francis Johnson-Feldmann and numerous other Senior Grade Nurses at the District of Columbia Veterans Administration Medical Center who filed complaints of discrimination with the EEOC challenging the Medical Center’s pay scale for senior nurses. The EEOC has defined the class as: Senior Grade Registered Nurses at the District of Columbia Veterans Administration Medical Center who are female and/or above the age of 40.

March 8, 2004 – We have become aware that the 1099s mailed out last week contained incorrect payment amounts. Our CPA is working to send revised 1099s to the IRS and Class Members ASAP. At this time, they anticipate that you will receive your corrected 1099 late next week.

July 28, 2004 – Payments were sent out last week to class members. Amounts withheld are noted on the check stubs that were sent out. Form 1099s related to these payments will be distributed at a later date.

Information about the settlement agreement in this case can be accessed below.

February 2004 Update

November 2003 Update

Help Us Find These Class Members!

July 2003 Update

EEOC Approves Settlement

Notice of Settlement

Settlement Agreement

Distribution Formula

Questions and Answers Regarding the Settlement

Retiree Election Form

Notes of Class Informational Meeting


If you are interested in more information about this case, please contact Francis Johnson-Feldmann at(301) 279-9477 or email class counsel


Class Action Information

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