Our attorneys have a wide range of litigation and administrative law experience. They have represented employees and employers, both public and private, and individuals and businesses, in a broad range of legal matters. In addition, they are all active in the community and the bar. Many have prior experience litigating on behalf of the government or have held policy making positions in the government. All share the Firm’s commitment to providing the best possible representation of our clients while striving to maintain the civility of the legal profession.

KATOR, PARKS, WEISER & HARRIS prides itself on the fact that it handles large and complex litigation including class actions while at the same time is collegial enough that almost every case benefits from differing experiences and expertise that each attorney brings to bear. More information about each of the Firm’s attorneys is available by clicking on his or her name on this page.

Michael Kator

Jessica Parks

David Weiser

Cathy Harris

Jeremy Wright

Juliette Niehuss

Kerrie Riggs

Daniel Clark


Class Action Information

Kator, Parks, Weiser & Harris has extensive experience representing workers in class actions. Find out more about our firm's current and past class actions by clicking here.